Possible Benefits of Having A Massage Chair

A massage chair, specifically the best massage chairs out there, are hard to find. A good one would be able to mimic a human massage and give you the best possible experience. Problem is there are lots out there that it’s easy to buy the wrong chair. Why then are people willing to research and buy them despite having a human massage option? Well for one, a human massage isn’t always accessible. It’s also tempting to have a massage anytime you want at the comfort of your own home. While it’s still better to get a massage from an accredited massage therapist, a digital replacement won’t be that bad of an alternative. Especially now that technology has improved significantly.

A great massage can play an important role in relieving some health problems(e.g. back pain).  Likewise, an excellent massage chair was created to provide just that without the need for human intervention.

  1. A massage chair reduces pressure and aligns the back. By supporting the back in a flat position, a reclining chair can reduce pressure on the spinal column. Any tension in a misaligned vertebrae can be bad for the nerves as important nerves actually run through the vertebrae to different regions of the body.
  2. Any tension can be relieved by using a massage chair. Anxiety can seriously impact one’s mental  and physical health.  As such, this can cause all sorts of problems like poor appetite, sleeplessness or high blood pressure. One’s stress level must be controlled by reducing the amount of cortisol and these can be achieved by having a good massage.
  3. . A massage chair can actually improve posture. How? By relaxing the muscles, one is able to move more freely.  A natural inclination to relieve pain are always compensated by using another set of muscles.
  4. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that help minimize the effects of stress. It can help give the feeling of self worth and even helps with your auto immune system. A good massage is said to help secrete endorphins in the body.
  5. Improved blood flow is another advantage of having a massage. Someone with poor blood circulation can get massive discomfort from pooling of the blood in some areas. Massage eases circulation because blood starts to move as it hits the affected regions of the body.

A massage chair can give tons of benefit at a luxurious price, if you’re one a budget then you can research on the best massage chair pad which roughly gives the same benefit.

Bug-Like Massager Had Me Hooked For Years

3 years ago, while strolling at a Thailand marketplace I found this innovative small Head Massager. It caught my attention because of its alienic spidery look and I hate spiders! Nevertheless I decided to stand and watch while the seller demonstrates how to use it.  I was curious on how it feels that I decided to try it out on my head.

All I can say from trying it out is “AMAZING!”.  this straightforward head massager gives back tingling delights as it’s moved around your head, scalp and neck. The result is really relaxing. Get a family member or friend to do it and you won’t want them to stop.

In order to  use this massager, you have to move it gradually upward or only put it on your head, down and around in a gradual movement. You’ll immediately sense some kind of a spine-tingle stress busting feeling that can leave you the jeebies all over.

This Genie Head Massager weight less spindly fingers lightly caress and massage delicate acupressure points in your scalp, neck as well as your face. You can even lie down and be covered with happiness which spreads over your whole body. It’s not possible to resist the extreme waves of enjoyment and relaxation this Genie Head massager provides.

They are fairly durable too! From the time I bought it 3 years ago, I’ve used it regularly and it doesn’t show any signs of breaking.

Just look at this man, almost feels like he is having an orgasm from using it.


Exciting New Treatment for Cancer

A treatment that reprograms the body’s immune system to fight cancer has garnered excitement when a lot of cancer patients were reported to have a major turnaround from their terminal ill status.
The process goes by taking the White blood cells from an individual with Leukemia . These are then altered in the laboratory after which they are put back to the patient.

Specialists found the result to be fascinating, but nevertheless just a small step towards a cure.
Its not all good news however as two individuals are stated to have perished from an intense immune reaction .
In these test, cells in the immune system called killer t cells were taken from heaps of patients. The cells generally act like bombs destroying tissue that is contaminated.
The researchers genetically altered the t cells to engineer a targeting mechanics that is new – with the specialized name of chimeric antigen receptors. Their goal is to kill acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
For more information Watch This Video:


Massage Can Greatly Benefit any Cancer Patients?

Remedial massage is increasingly utilized in clinical treatment systems to reduce symptoms, and enrich quality of life for Cancer sufferers. There are patients who takes a massage to make them feel whole again, assist them to relax, makes them feel more positive about themselves, reconstructs hope and feel more confident.

There are massages that are provided to cancer patients in some hospitals. Some of them even offers a foot or hand massage while doing a chemo.
You can even have a massage from a professional therapist within their own rooms. Special oncology training has been undertaken by some of these massage therapists.
A massage usually doesn’t really give a cancer patient any side effects . You might seem a bit lightheaded, drowsy, tired or thirsty after but your massage therapist may guide you to drink a glass of water when your treatment has finished. These procedures are often flexible that they allow you to leave at your own time. Many people find they feel tearful or somewhat emotional for some time after.
There isn’t any scientific proof that cancer can be treated by massage. But it is effective in decreasing or aiding some of the symptoms associated with it.

Constantly keep in touch with medical expert or your physician before utilizing almost any massage treatment provided. It is possible that an altered treatment  within a hospital or clinic would not be appropriate for you. It’s vital that you make sure your massage therapist is fully qualified and insured.
Individuals with cancer should avoid massage that is really strong and deep. Milder kinds may be the best option. A number of people stress that by having a massage when you’ve got cancer, the cancer cells traveling may be made to other components of the human body. These claims however are found to be false.

You should prevent massaging the region that is being treated especially if you’re having a radiation treatment. Additionally, never massage a portion of the skin where there is some form abnormality like tearing, bleeding etc.

chemo no more
If they’re swollen due to lymphoedema it’s also wise to prevent massage therapy. Nevertheless, there’s a special kind of massage employed for lymphoedema called manual lymphatic drainage. This can be an incredibly specialized treatment and individuals who needs are wants this should ask their doctor for more information.

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